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Ultra creative, crazy about music, multimedia and new technologies including mobile, I've been producing media projects of all kinds for over 15 years. Making videos, designing graphics, developing websites, sounds, composing and producing music is simply a passion. Winner of the beatstars producer contest 2012 (Over 3000 Producers worldwide) and finalist of the SFR Jeune Talent Contest Mozart l'opera rock 2009.

Remi Desroques

Ultra créatif et passionné par la musique, le multimédia et les nouvelles technologies notamment mobiles, je produit depuis plus de 15 ans des projets numériques de toutes sortes. Réaliser des vidéos, créer des éléments graphiques, de l'habillage sonore, developer des sites internet, composer et produire de la musique est tout simplement une passion. Gagnant du Beatstars Producer 2012 Contest (Sélection mondiale parmi 3000 producteurs) et finaliste du concours SFR Jeunes Talents Mozart l'opéra rock 2009.


In love with the night - Climbed a 450 meters cliff - Following more than a dozen TV shows - Ice/roller-skating since childhood - Original track produced for the hip-hop Superstar Common and a track for the iPad App Gulli Commecial for Lagardère Active - Have an american son and a japanese daughter

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I have worked with Remi for years now, and I have to say that his uncompromising ear for detail, and sheer drive really have brought out the artist within me. Never before could I have imagined the musical destinations upon which Remi and I would embark. No matter if you want to do hiphop, rock, punk, ska, classical, ballad, new age, whatever, Remi will employ his unique talents to birth a sound tailored to you.

J aka OPTIQ Orlando, USA

Remi D has a golden ear. I think he has a keen sense for matching talent with his music. When he approached me about our first project it was my impression that he’d chosen the piece for me after determining what fit my style. I was impressed. Remi’s composition style keeps music from sounding like repetitive beats. His music is exciting to write to and perform to. The beat is always changing and developing. Solid technical skills and tasteful styleenhanced the final product beyond what I expected.

Airiam Ssor Long Beach, USA

Working with Remi was a great experience, I went to his studio and I didnt loose time at all. Remi is very professional and ready to go when you step in his room, he can give you right inputs and help you with ideas also if he gets asked. La Directora is one of the greatest songs I have recorded and I am very happy with the vocal recording obtained with Remi.

Elimar Ugueto Seattle, USA

Though I have been very fortunate to have recorded and played with many extremely talented musicians and recording engineers over the years, when I brought my first song to Remi to engineer, the freshness of his ideas and how he transformed my first song into a hit, made me realize I will not take my music to anyone else in the future. From here on out, Remi's my man!

Tim Janakos Niigata, Japan

Remi is more than just a talented producer. He is an experienced, intuitive mastermind who sees beneath the surface and brings out the best in every track. Working with him will not only make you a better artist but also open your mind to new and intriguing ideas that will broaden your artistic style and musical abilities. Truly the best(and only) Frenchman i have ever worked with.

Legend Dallas, USA

Working with Remi was a wonderful experience. I'm still kicking myself for not collaborating more with him when I had the chance. The man truly knows and understands his art. To sum it up... talent, dedication, direction, constructiveness, flexibility and encouragement.

Adam Worth Seattle, USA

Talented as hell, crazy beyond belief, paranoid because he wants to give perfection and dedicated because he has a dream... that is Remi to me. Working with Remi is great. His music is out of this world and truly captures the essence of the film. My last film "The Sound of Glory" wouldn't have been as successful if it wouldn't have Remi's score. He is really easy to work with and extremely creative. I give him complete control of all music and sound in my films. I feel confident he will create a masterpiece no matter how small or large the project is. I look forward to working with Remi in the feature projects because he gives me Hollywood quality music. We make a great team together.

Michael Ramova Chicago, USA

Remi D has such AMAZING creativity! He was an absolute pleasure to work with. He took a *very* rough song idea of mine and transformed it into an orchestra of luscious sounds. I am very shy about my songs. Remi... knowing this, just seemed to coax this little dream of mine along and shape it into a work of art that I am extremely proud to share with the world. Not only is Remi a very talented producer of songs, he is also a true composer. The cello part that he wrote for Love's Dream was so perfect, I absolutely HAD to transcribe it for the cellist I work with here in Seattle. Thank you Remi, from the bottom of my heart. I look forward to working with you again!

Erin McNamee Seattle, USA

I’ve known Remi for a few years now, but have really only started working with him for the last two years or so. I am always surprised at his level of excitement and commitment when it comes to making music. He seems to have an endless supply of that, not to mention a great deal of patience. Working with an amateur like myself surely can’t be that easy, but his confidence in me makes me want to work harder and be the best I can be. He brings out my timid rock star. His taste in various kinds of music has also inspired me to branch out and try genres I’ve never thought I could do. Mainly I stick with blues, due largely in part to my Texas roots, but I’ve worked on reggae, ska, movie soundtracks, and hip-hop. Because of Remi, I am starting to re-realize my dream to make music. It’s been a fun adventure so far and I’m looking forward to many more years of musical satisfaction.

Lance Latham Fort Worth, USA


Two applications - One stricly dedicated to my instrumentals/beats that I release for lease. The other includes all the tracks from The Monthly Tune project since 2009 and the new and future produced tracks that I'll make.

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